Viral coronavirus treatment in Islam, as recommended by the prophet muhammad.

"Can the power of prayer alone stop an epidemic?
 This is a report published in the American magazine newsweek that featured activists on social networking sites on the teachings of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) to combat epidemics, and on an Arab 
website 21 (Saturday).

 According to the report. "The recommendations of governments, doctors and epidemiologists to stop the spread of the new coronavirus (covid-19) are similar to those recommended by the prophet Mohammed," he said. "Good hygiene and quarantine, or seclusion in the hope of preventing the spread of infectious diseases, are the most effective tools for containing the coronavirus," quoted Dr Craig konsidin on immunologist Anthony fosse and Dr Sanjay gupta. He asked, "do you know who also suggested hygiene and quarantine during the epidemic? "Responding," Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, 1300 years ago, "he pointed out that the prophet had never been an expert on deadly disease issues but had great advice for preventing and combating the development of an epidemic such as the coronavirus." The report added: "the prophet Mohammed said: if you hear that the plague is spreading in a land, do not enter it; if the plague is spreading in a place while you are in, do not leave here. "People with infectious diseases must be kept away from other healthy people," he said. The report highlighted that "the prophet Mohammed also strongly encouraged humans to observe personal cleanliness that will keep people safe from infection. Look at this conversation: cleanliness is part of faith. You wash your hands when you wake up, you don't know where your hands have moved in your sleep. The food pool is about washing hands before and after eating." Wessa!


Corona and historic opportunity. Iyad qunebi, some optimistic that the koruna crisis might upset the equations of the international system and bring muslims closer to relief? There is no telling whether optimism is "sentiments" without action. - such events are opportunities that muslims can exploit. If they did not take advantage of it, they were exploited by their enemies. We cannot then be so optimistic from a vacuum! · big power politicians plan, and if something goes wrong, they replan again, and they might even use the new event to their advantage. · the imam Muslim told about the importer ben-shadad that he said: Amaro said to him: see what you say, he said: I say what I heard from the messengers of god, and he said: if you say that, they have already been in them for four. Amr had god's approval of him in the description of the Romans of his time: "they were men's dreams of adversity, they were quick to wake up after adversity, they were about to do good to the poor, the fatherless and the weak, and they were the fifth most beautiful thing: to prevent them from being oppressed by Kings." - let's see these attributes: 1. I dream people at temptation... I mean, they don't get confused and panicky when things go wrong. 2.  And they wake up after a disaster... So there are alternative plans, disaster management, and even employing them for good. 3.  And they're about to get a ball after a run... They don't give up if they are defeated; they are roofie. 4.  And their goodness is for poor, orphaned and weak... Charity is given to nations even when they are communitarian. 5.  I forbid them to oppress Kings. They will not tolerate injustice. · these were factors that were present in Rome in omura ibn al - But she's a -
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