Accountants jobs | The jobs advertised in Al-Waseet newspaper

 Our honorable visitor, we offer you vacancies for accountants with or without experience in many companies, factories and employment offices, where the site “wazufny” publishes many vacancies and the best job opportunities for Egyptians and Arabs for all qualifications, specializations, technicians and workers, vacant jobs in all fields throughout the week and day we offer you The jobs advertised in Al-Waseet newspaper, a copy on Monday, 12-14-2020, 14 December 2020, and we are keen every Friday to display vacant job advertisements from Al-Ahram and Al-Wasit newspaper to always offer visitors and seekers for a suitable job opportunity, as graduates of all disciplines follow the wazufny site always to obtain Their dream job, we have been a reason to employ many young people of all qualifications, specialties, industrial, technicians and workers with experience and without experience

Accountants jobs | The jobs advertised in Al-Waseet newspaper
Accountants jobs | The jobs advertised in Al-Waseet newspaper

  • Publishing house requires a store keeper

 . Familiar with the accounts

 Warehouses and mastery of work

 on the computer . Age

 From 25 to 35 years old. T:


  •  A major contracting company

 In Cairo. Working

 In business

 Electromechanical requests

 Immediately. Experience store keepers

 From 5.3 years with salary

 Starting from 4000 EGP and up

 To 7000 EGP to send

 CV on / emcosecretary@yahoo.com

  •  Accountant (male) required.

 Experience of 3: 5 years of

 Giza Governorate population c:

 01223915550 from the hour

 10 am: 4 pm

 (Except Friday and Saturday)

  •  Required for an accounting firm

 . Modern accountants

 Graduation. Experience from 3 to

 6 years in office

 . T / 01114444163



  •  Contracting company. Major

 In Nasr City. Ask

 Financial Accountant . Fluent

 English language and computer

 Automated. Two years experience.

 T: 01063999667 -


  •  Required . Experience accountant

 Not less than 5 years in

 Field of precast concrete

 For a major contracting company

 In the administrative capital info @


 T / 0223085744

  •  Immediately assigned to a great hotel

 On Al Haram Street. Accountants

 new graduates . University

 Cairo . And Ain Shams

 Just a good grade. On

 Lowest T / 01017227826

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